Key features

FeatureFree versionRegistered version
Supports the most popular tab formats
Power Tab: PTB and
Guitar Pro: GTP, GP3 / 4 / 5, GPX
Synchronized playback of mp3 backing tracks
SoundFont synthesizer
Load custom General MIDI SoundFonts
Tab library
Search tabs by artist / title, create songbooks with custom artwork
3 tabs maximum
Export / import library content
Transfer your library settings from one computer to another
Playback tempo & pitch controls
Slow down mp3 without changing the pitch or adjust pitch of the entire song.
Adjust volume / pan / chorus levels of each instrument (synth playback)
Export to PDF and ASCII TXT
Mixed score parts
Change parts automatically during playback
Score position highlight modes
Highlight measure / chord / notes / beats
Visual count-in, metronome